Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

When you find leakage in your bathroom or kitchen and you require a plumber that can help you in fixing the problem call Plumber Service Jaipur, we will visit your home in emergency situation also. Our plumber are experienced and will take proper maintenance by visiting your home once in a month. Our service includes drain cleaning, water pipes cleaning, repairing toilets etc. Our plumber also monitor other pipes or gas system to confirm they are in well condition or not.

Sometimes in winter our pipes are get freeze and a day you wake up in morning and find your bathroom pipes frozen ….. Don’t waste your time to think what to do or not call us immediately we will fix them properly so you won’t face the situation again. Gas leakage is common and to fix it you can take our help make sure the plumber you are calling is licensed. Our sanities has warranty offer too and if you found any fault during the installation period or after a month you can replace it, we will not to give an additional money. Back flow of water is also a big issue mainly in public toilets and you feel terrible while using that toilet service. We can fix this issue by sending our experts at the targeted area.

Our Service of repair and maintenance include:-

  • You can call us any time when you think you need a plumber for your home.
  • You can request us by sending us mail or by calling on customer care number and ask them a repairing man. Or trustworthy or licensed approved plumber will come to your home.
  • The plumber which will best suitable or who can solve your problem in less time will assigned for you.
  • We resolve you all fixing and repairing issues and we work till the customer is satisfied.

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