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New Building Fitting Repair and Maintenance Services

We all want to live in a home which is fully comfort and have no faults even in case of plumbing, electric etc. Our service of plumbing is available 24*7. We take care of our customer and also try to eliminate their problems by serving you our services. We feel our pleasure to help customers when they are in need, although we believe in customer satisfaction approach. Most of us surely find it annoying to alive with a cracked tap, leaky pipe, uncompleted toilet flush or low water pressure throughout our extended showers. But somehow we do live with it or we have to, as we consume no idea how to get it fixed. It’s too time overwhelming and we pick to better exploit our time by living with issues. At Easy Fix we make sure that only an experienced serviceman knocks your door on the time promised. Our service are:-

New house fitting contract

We also take contract of new apartments or houses and fix all the basin pipes, tanks, flush setting and all.

Leakage solution

Our experts also deals with leakage problems, although our workers are skilled to repair any kind of kitchen fixture, bathroom fixture so on.

Shower repair/ Replacement

We also deal with re4pairng the showers and if it’s needed we replace it with the new one.

Faucet repair/ Replacement

We install the most progressive faucets. If it’s a repair you’re after, we can promise that our skilled technicians will use their knowledge and our approaches to make indisputable that faucet is fixed with ample life left in it! This means more effective use of liquid that can lead to reduced water bills. Our specialists have an excessive deal of knowledge in each and model of faucets and the parts compulsory make them in working conditions

Clogged drain pipe

To clean the clogged pipe we use warm water to clean it and use baking soda with vinegar into the drain. This will let your clogged pipe open and the water will pass again in its good flow.

Tap Repair / Replacement

Our service is fast, reliable, consistent and our experts are professional and use modern techniques to repair your taps, pipes, showers etc. and gives you relief in few minutes. Our services is limited in Jaipur but comes under best service providers, Although we also provide 15 days service with guarantee, our team is always there to support you and you can make an online request apart. Our service is one shop where you can get all type of maintenance (repairing and fixing) service. Our staff will always be on time and after getting you request they will be next to you door. We also offers economical plans for our customer and for our client ease we take a service request on phone calls which are convenient and reliable to everyone. We have more than 20 services and we give an excellence quality of work with 100% customer satisfaction. You also can schedule the service according to your need.

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